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“Long distance Relationships encourage couples to become better communicators and as a result enjoy more intimate lovemaking.”

- Leslie Karsner, PhD, author of
The Long Distance Romance Guide and  Long Distance Lovemaking

From the desk of Leslie Karsner, PhD

Dear Long Distance Lovers:

It's a fact: Long Distance Romances create Great Relationships!

And now your long distance relationship is about to become even better than you thought possible.

When you're in love life is wonderful.

But what about when your lover is away?

Doesn't your heart long for your lover's touch, or that special look that make your heart pound?

Isn't it almost heart-breaking to spend time away from the one you love so much?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place.

If you're sitting there right now longing for your lover, paining for their return, I've got good news:

You're about to discover how the time you spend apart can be just as satisfying and even more exciting than when you're together.

Make sense?

Most lovers think so. In fact, it's what most lovers want more than anything else…probably what you want most right now.

And the only question remains, "How do you do it?" right?

You see, for years I have been coaching clients in long distance relationships who have struggled with being away from the one they love most.

Some of my most romantically challenged clients were those who spent their time apart pining away for their lover.

Let me ask you:

  • Do you ever sit around wishing your lover were there, when they can't be?
  • Have you ever worried about whether your partner is faithful when away?
  • Is your time apart spent being unproductive?

Most people say YES to two or more of these common questions. Chances are, you have too.

In fact, I answered “yes” myself.

But that was over 5 years ago.

Five years ago I lived more than 3 hours from the love of my life. Our time apart was spent wishing we were together.

Five years ago, I wasted hours and days longing to be with my love, feeling lonely when we were apart. Believe me when I say I know firsthand the frustration and longing that comes with being away from your lover.

So five years ago I set out to create a plan to turn our time apart into what I now call “extended foreplay.”

I wanted to enjoy every day that I was in love, and so should you.

You are so fortunate to have someone in your life that loves and adores you – even when they're away.

There's no time to sit around being sad and lonely.

So let's celebrate your love. I'm going to show you how. But before I do that take a moment right now to receive my gift of some free love tips to help bridge the distance...

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I've created a complete Relationship Success System that will have you feeling more intimately connected and close to your lover, even when your miles apart.

Today my life is different than it was 5 years ago. I married my long distance lover – as a result of using the very system I'm going to share with you.

As you can tell by now, I'm passionate about helping people just like you, bridge the distance and learn how to use the time apart to create the best relationship possible.

And, here's what you must know:

Even though my husband and I are married, we both travel for business and have to spend time apart.

And, what might surprise you to know - is that our relationship is more passionate, communicative and more exciting than ever!

You know why?

Because we continue to use the very tips and strategies that are compiled in my new
Relationship Success System for Long Distance Lovers

“Karsner lives her own life in a romantic manner with a zest for living and a passion for everything she does.” - Washington Post

And now, I want to share this system with you – so you can enjoy more romance in your relationship – even when you're apart.


Relationship Success System
for Long Distance Lovers

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The Relationship Success System I created for managing physical separation is comprehensive enough to include all sorts of Long Distance Relationships (e.g., business travelers, different hometowns, military, movie stars on location, etc.)

It's the result of thousands of hours spent talking with people in Long Distance Relationships, conducting on-line polls and interviewing experts and college professors.

I have even compiled tips, advice and strategies from people who have found ways to bridge the distance in their own relationships.

You'll have everything you need to create a great relationship.

Here's a taste of what you'll uncover when you open your very own…

  • The top 12 benefits to spending a little time away from your lover.
  • The right (and wrong) way to handle long-distance disputes.
  • The most meaningful care packages you could ever send a lover
  • The powerful rituals most happy couples engage in
  • Surefire ways to make departures and arrivals special
  • Important strategies for maximizing your time together during short or long visits
  • A plan designed to keep you both happy and happily monogamous!

You'll soon discover how easy it is to stay connected.

Look what's inside your
Relationship Success System
for Long Distance Lovers:

(Fully Downloadable Digital Version)
You'll have access to everything insyantly!

Let me explain each product in detail:

The Long Distance
Romance Guide

How to Stay Close Whenever Apart (e-book)

“Here's where to look for inspiration.”

– Los Angeles Times

Distance can make the heart grow fonder!

Whether a couple has been together for years or just met, The Long Distance Romance Guide is a love-saver for business travelers, Internet daters, military spouses, and college students.

These proven strategies will keep your love strong and help to make it stronger.

“At long last we have a guide on how to nurture relationships with elegance, class, style and savoir-faire.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul


Long Distance Relationship Tips

Hundreds of Creative Tips for Long Distance Lovers

Keep the passion turned up with hundreds of creative ways to enhance your romance at a distance. There will be not time to sit around, you'll be romantically busy with these fun ideas. And most importantly, your lover is going to fall in love with you, perhaps all over again, when you woo them with these exciting secrets.

“Karsner…gives them pointers to improve their romance game.” - Men's Health


The Inside Success Story on Long Distance Romance

Randy Gilbert, aka Dr. Proactive, grills Leslie on how to make your relationship great even when you have to be apart. Listen in on the secrets Leslie shares along with some surprise tips from Randy.

  • Why proactively planning for a great relationship pays off BIG TIME down the road
  • What 5 strategies you can follow to grow together while apart
  • How you learn to communicate in your partners love language
  • Why you must avoid 3 critical romance mistakes
  • How to meet your partner in exotic places over the phone
  • And much, much more ...
“I interviewed Leslie on The Inside Success Show and loved every minute of it. Her passion for long distance romance, combined with her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for helping people to create loving and energetic relationships, really made for a great interview.”
– Randy Gilbert, Host of The Inside Success Show


Everything you need is included for you to stay intimately connected to the one you love.

Your Relationship Success System is not just for lovers who live far away.

You might travel for business only one night a week, or maybe you just live on the other end of town. You can use the tips and secrets revealed in your Relationship Success Kit even if you're in the next room.

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Trust & Your
Long Distance Relationship

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Learn the 5 critical secrets to building and maintaining trust in your Long Distance Relationship.  These stategies will keep you and your lover faithful - no matter how great the distance.

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You'll get the ENTIRE System for Long Distance Relationship Success when your order this program.  Everything you need is included to boost the romance in your relationship - whenever you're apart. 

Now You Can Penetrate Your Lover's Heart at a Distance!

In fact, I want to make your decision to order your Relationship Success System for Long Distance Lovers so easy that I'm going to give you my complete guarantee.

If you don't feel more connected to your lover after using the materials from this kit, I'll delightfully issue you a refund. And you can keep the ALL the materials!

Heightening the romance in your relationship is easy with the Relationship Success System for Long Distance Lovers.

Why don't you take a taste of what's inside…

Print your name, e-mail address in the opt-in box below and I'll send you 7 free secrets from Long Distance Relationship Tips.

And while you're at it, take a moment to share your best tip for staying connected to your lover at a distance.

You are going to love the ideas revealed in this kit. I want you and your lover to enjoy more connection, better communication and more passion than ever before.

And you will, when you order Relationship Success System for Long Distance Lovers.

Heighten the romance in your relationship today!

To love and romance,

Leslie Karsner, PhD
Romance Coach

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